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Perennials…What You Need to Know! Tips and Advice to Grow Tried and True Perennials is a reference guide for gardeners who are short on time and long on love for a beautiful garden. It is a source of information on all things “perennial”—growing them, caring for them and using perennials in gardens of all sizes, whether container, a courtyard, or large mixed beds.

This book is an easy read packed with plenty of advice for the novice or the experienced gardener.  You’ll learn everything from how to choose the correct plant for sun and shade, provide year round garden interest, select blossoms and foliage for cutting, and even how to dig a good hole!

About the Author

Althea R. GriffinAlthea R. Griffin is a lifelong gardener whose knowledge of plants and eye for design led to the formation of a co-owned landscape design business, Garden Gals, in Atlanta, Georgia. She has gardened her way from Vermont to Ohio to Georgia, learning and enjoying it every step of the way. Her gardens have been featured on garden tours in the Atlanta area. Althea is married and has two children and four grandchildren, to whom she hopes to pass along her love of gardening.

About the Illustrator

Kate RulandKate Ruland, an architectural draftsman by trade, has also studied watercolor, pastel drawing and sculpture at The Southern Vermont Art Center. She is a lifelong organic gardener and is devoted to composting. Kate and her sisters, Lisa and Althea, inherited their green thumbs and love of plants from their maternal grandmother, Katherine Dahl Marino. The illustrations in this book are dedicated to her.