A great way to use up some plastic water bottles or empty plant pots is in the bottom of your new container planting!

Instead of filling the container from top to bottom with potting soil, making the container very heavy & spending a lot on soil, you can place recyclables in the bottom third or so.  Of course it depends on the size of the container & the plants you will use.


Most important is to make sure the container has a drainage hole.  Next, place some coffee filters or a piece of landscape fabric (available by the roll) over the opening.  Doing this will prevent the soil from clogging the hole which in turn will cause too much moisture for the plants.  Remember, more plants die from drowning than drought!

Add whatever recyclables you have on hand & either step on them or press down hard until it feels solid, adding more if necessary.  Use another layer of landscape fabric to cover plastics, keeping the soil from falling down to the bottom.

Fill the rest of the container with soil & add your plants of choice.  Water immediately & then again with a water souble root stimulator to get your planter off to a great start!

Happy Gardening,



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