Hydrangeas are not listed in my book as a perennial, but they sure look wonderful in a perennial garden!  I have may different varieties mixed in my flower beds to add some stability as well as season long color, which changes as the flowerheads mature & begin to dry.

Mophead varieties(macrophylla or serrata) are the varieties I used in my vase of Hydrangeas – specifically Merritt’s Supreme & Preziosa, both change color as the season progresses.

It is best to cut Hydrangea flowerheads with at least 12″of stem on a dry day 4-6 weeks after they have bloomed.  At this point the flower heads are beginning to dry out & don’t need as much water.  I have found for  me the best way to dry them is put them in a vase with a couple inches of water & let it dry up naturally, enjoying the fresh bouquet(I use a large twist tie to hold the stems together at the base of the flowerhead for a full look).  Other suggestions for drying are to hang the stems upside down in a dry area, put them in a vase without water in a dark area for a couple weeks, or even put them in a brown paper bag & ride them around in your car trunk for a couple days!  Try the different methods to see what works best for you.  And remember that you may lose a couple of the blossoms to wilt, but hopefully you have plenty more in the garden – I start with the blooms at the bottom or backside of the plant so I can enjoy the sight of them in my garden for as long as possible!

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