It is very hard to choose just one area of my garden to showcase – everything is  bursting with beauty!

The attached picture focuses on both perennials and shrubs.  Starting from the left there is Little Shorty Euphorbia, Little Honey Oakleaf Hydrangea, Marion Lee Azalea, Blackberry Lily(Iris looking leaves),  Oxalis(purple foliage), Solidago( no blooms until fall), various Heuchera, Toad Lily(blooms late summer), Mouse Ears coreopsis in bloom, Baths Pink Dianthus in foreground.   the background shrubs are Mahonia – the Cedar Waxwing birds are just loving the berries this time of year.

This is still a perfect time to divide your perennials to move to another area in your yard or share with friends!  Just remember to soak the plant in a bucket before planting to hydrate the roots – adding some root stimulator such as Upstart to the water is really a good idea!


Happy Gardening, Althea



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