I have 2 varieites of Toad Lilies (Tricyrtis) in full bloom in my garden – what a nice treat when most flowering perennials have started their long winter nap!

The clump forming variety is the Tricytris hirta, ‘Miyazaki’.  The arching stems are full of 2″ orchid-like blooms all along the stem at the intersection of the leaves.

The Formosana varitey, Stolonifera, spreads by ground runners, but not invasive.  The blossom is about 1″ mauve/purple, also resembles an orchid and is held on upright single stems.  Blooms last for a few weeks.

Both are great to cut and use in a vase – I like to add some foliage of various evergreens to really show off the blooms.

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