It is definitely August weather in Atlanta as well as many other regions of the country – the Perennials are looking a bit sad!

However, the group of plants that are still looking good are the Sedums (aka Stonecrops).   Since they are succulents, they store moisture to keep themselves alive with minimum watering.  The tall varieties are getting ready to burst into clusters of tiny pink flowers that will eventually darken to a bronze color later in the fall.  Pictured here is the Variegated variety – it looks good all season long & adds such a nice foliage to the garden. 

With  fall being a good time to divide & transplant perennials, I plan to remove a section from each plant to add to another sunny, dry spot in my garden.  The plants will have a chance for their roots to settle in  before the plants have to work hard to produce the foliage & blossoms again next year. 

Happy Gardening!

Althea Griffin

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